Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Inexplicable footage of the gents toilet of a bar

After browsing my videos on my camera to find the footage of the gourmet frog meal, I came across some additional footage. Footage of me in the gents (not in the act of using the hole in the floor). Now I can only hypothesise why I took the footage, but I seem to remember using the ladies on a previous visit to expel accumulated nitrogen rich liquid which needed to be eliminated from the bloodstream (a roundabout way of saying 'urine') because I could not find the light switch in the Gents. I believe the footage mentioned therefore is a display of my wonder that the light was on even though there was no light switch. I have a sneaking suspicion the switch in the ladies turned on both lights.

As well as all that, it does provide you with a cultural view of the Brazilian bar's toilet. They're pretty much all the same as this. Enjoy your cultural learning for today.

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