Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Andre the loverat and the destruction of a toilet

The farm...
I've mentioned Andre and Diana (the latter pronounced Dee-an-a) in passing before, but now I've decided that they both (Andre in particular) deserve their own little historic background.

After Mauricio left (not entirely on friendly terms) about four months ago there was a bit of a handover period while Carlinho and Euda looked for new people to help on the farm (somehow I didn't seem to be top on their list. Mind you, Cristina was happy about that). After a week or two of waiting for applications, one of Carlinho's brothers (Paulo) found a possible candidate. A guy had walked into his mechanic shop and asked for a job for him and his girlfriend. There were none going, but Paulo referred him to Carlinho. Now, these two apparantly had no experience of working on a farm, came from Mato Grosso (a more northerly state), and were desperate for a job as they were to be turfed out of their home by the end of the week. I don't think either party was too enthralled with the idea of them working on the farm, but

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Inexplicable footage of the gents toilet of a bar

After browsing my videos on my camera to find the footage of the gourmet frog meal, I came across some additional footage. Footage of me in the gents (not in the act of using the hole in the floor). Now I can only hypothesise why I took the footage, but I seem to remember using the ladies on a previous visit to expel