Saturday, 12 February 2011

Curiosity killed the cat... and scared the bejeezus out of Daniel

Daniel - no longer mixes with chickens...
Carlinho, Euda, Cristina, Daniel and I were at Dejaneir's farm (a neighbour who rents Cristina's aunt's farm) to check over his new milking machine and to borrow some vaccination guns. He was showing us through the intricacies of his 'pit' (where he attaches the milk pumps to the teets of the cows) and showing us how well his four year old son could shovel up cow manure, while Daniel feigned interest. We were about to leave so had removed ourselves from his hole and were making our way to the car in the normal Brazilian fashion. That is, walking a couple of feet, stopping to talk about something, moving another couple of feet, stopping to talk about something else, Dejaneir pleading that it was too early for us to go... etc. etc.
Daniel's patience was wearing thin and he decided to occupy himself by chasing a small black cat around the yard (this is actually his favourite hobby - he's easily pleased). He was having a whale of a time as he chased it at full pelt and it tried to duck away from him. He was laughing his head off in fact. No one noticed when he chased it behind an upturned horse cart. We were happily chatting away when we heard him start to scream. We suddenly saw his little body appear from behind the cart at full speed, his short legs were a blur as he ran towards us. It wasn't clear at first why, but after a couple of seconds we saw a cockerel running/flapping behind him. It was like Willem Dafoe's final scene in Platoon (starts at about 2:00 minutes) as Daniel ran towards us screaming and shouting. He fell over as Dejaneir ran towards him. Fortunately the cockerel decided to call it a day as the rest of us couldn't help but stifle sniggers. In retrospect it may have been a bit mean as Daniel was left with two long scratches down his back.

Amusing for us, but likely a lifelong fear of chickens for Daniel as he is now more scared of chickens than bulls.

For all you animal lovers out there, as for the cat, well I'm pretty sure it was safe, I just never saw it again... Doesn't necessarily mean it was snuffed out of existence by the evil cockerel...


  1. to be precise - you can add timestamps to YouTube URLs now you know? :D

  2. I just found your blog today (through expat blogs). I'm a California girl living half the year in Rio das Ostras and half in Houston. I'll be spending some time playing catch-up reading your blog.

    I've linked to you on my site where I keep a list of Brazilian Expat blogs. Hope you don't mind.

    Nice to virtual-meet you!