Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My morning shower - a risk worth taking?

I'm not sure what it is about my morning shower that sends shivers down my spine...

...maybe it's just the sight of the haphazard wiring that drives fear into me, or more likely it is the fact that I have gotten an electric shock from this particular shower once before. In either case, it's a testament to the Brazilian spirit of risk taking and the idea that "if it does its job, it's fine by me".

To a degree, people here don't seem to mind how they live as long as they can live. Obviously those with money don't go without and take care as to how their house looks (keeping up appearances and all), but those without can do without and don't fuss too much about it. It's not odd to see a run down house next to quite a nice almost palacial villa her. People don't seem to segregate themselves too much here and seem happy to mix with their neighbours.

I wonder whether now that Brazil's economy is on the growth whether this laissez-faire attitude to decoration may change? Part of me hopes not as I quite like visiting a minimalist house as they tend have more character and are less sterile than our western houses, but I guess those that live there hope for change.

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